Stephanie Schneiderman

stephanie schneiderman press quotes:

washington post

"Dangerous Fruit reveals a confident singer boasting a collection of torchy techno pop in the vein of Zero 7 or Morcheeba... the result is a poished album that feels fully realized and amplifies the drama and sophistication..." 

magnet magazine

“Dirty Martini’s Stephanie Schneiderman is going from strength to strength. She explores a heartfelt electro-pop direction... gentle piano, programmed drumbeats and her delicate, processed vocals…it’s a beautiful song and represents a fascinating new direction for Schneiderman."

philadelphia daily news

“Philadelphia debut...serving up a different style of music...combination of pop, trip hop, soul...took her songwriting and music to a new level."

the oregonian

“A gorgeous diversion from this erstwhile folk/pop talent… she gave her songs and her silken voice over to sound artist and producer Keith Schriener, who wrapped them both up in crinkly, metallic-tinged electronic wrappings and warm, engulfing layers of ambient synthesizer noise… has fully inhabited the role of down-tempo diva on her latest album, "Rubber Teardrop." The album opens with three gorgeous tracks that Schneiderman throws her whole person into. She takes a come-hither tone on album opener "Hush" that melds into AutoTuned pleas over heartbeatlike beats on "River Stone," before she curls up into the smoky, lovelorn "Anchor." It's quite a transformation and a tribute to her pliant, engaging voice.” — Robert Ham

“...stronger electronic component, with a heavy awareness of groove and harder beats...it was downright sexy!" — Luciana Lopez

In Schreiner's hands, the tunes' subtle shadings and bits of texture take on a distinctly different character, one that is part Zero 7, part Beth Orton, but wholly Schneiderman's own." — Corey du Browa

crappy indie music blog

“Shoegaze goddess Stephanie Schneiderman and her delightful trip-hop/folk…Schneiderman’s vocals are most definitely demanding of well deserved auditory attention. The songs she writes are obscurely beautiful as they drift over electronic beats… will absolutely drop you to your knees... This is human experience in the greatest musical sense imaginable. This is good stuff.” — Ron Trembath

portland mercury

“With electronic producer Keith Schreiner,[Schneiderman] transformed from mere singer/songwriter to heartfelt electronica pop queen. The two musicians have fine-tuned this metamorphosis with a second collaboration entitled Rubber Teardrop. Schreiner is versatile, moving through ambient background textures to upbeat dance tempos, always coming up with just the right landscape for Schneiderman's moving lyrics. Together they've found a formula that renews the relevance of a talented songwriter and opens all kinds of possibilities for respectfully expanding into the larger pop music realm.” — Ava Hagedus

willamette week

“You can hear the two settled into their mutual roles as artist and muse…to create an intimate and sexy LP that demands repeat listens just to catch up with every noise and lyric that drifts through it... sultry vocals with supple beats and skeins of gorgeous ambient electronics… It is that push-pull with putting personal matters... that makes Schneiderman’s work—both on her own and with Dirty Martini—so exciting.”— Robert Ham

women radio article

“A seemingly effortless blend of rippling electric beats and Schneiderman’s lullaby-like, laid back vocals with a sound similar to Death Cab for Cutie. Schneiderman’s vocals are deep, whispery and ethereal… moving behind subtle, ominous electric sound effects that slowly become more textured and colorful… exudes a relaxed, truthful essence…” — Whitney Lewis, WomensRadio.com

usa today

website/podcast featuring ‘between the bars’check it out! http://content.usatoday.com/communities/popcandy/post/2011/06/New-podcast-Sam-Phillips-Woods-Seapony-and-more-music-174435/1#.YG30li2ZPHc

nyc blog postmortem remains

“Laid back trip-hop feel… subtle dub tones... a very well balanced album to listen to that can fit all types of moods.” 

jewish telegraph uk

“A record brimming with bass and pulsating drums… the tracks on Rubber Teardrop move her to a new level... She is quirky - She knows how to write a song... and boy can she sing... Stephanie held her audience spellbound… I'll shed more than rubber teardrops if the music-buying public doesn't wake up to the fact that she is a talent they need to hear...an absolutely beautiful voice and natural talent...Stunning Stephanie sent chills down my spine.” — Mike Cohen

portland tribune

“It’s a brave new world for Stephanie Schneiderman, who has made the transition into electronic music from her indie roots, a move readily apparent in the new album “Rubber Teardrop.” The second venture with producer Keith Schreiner, Rubber Teardrop mixes Schneiderman’s sultry voice with electronic more than ever.” — Jason Vondersmith

oregon music news

“The collaboration with Schreiner (aka Auditory Sculpture) drastically changed her style, putting her strong lyrics in a totally different setting. He was the electronics guy, she the guitar poet/goddess…” — Tom D’Antoni

beat crave

“Her sound is distinct... her songwriting craft is very focused; it is clear that she has a vision... The songs blend soft acoustic, swaying vocals and electronic beats. Romantic, sensual lyrics top off the over all intimate mood. These tracks reveal her as an artist who is not afraid to experiment..."

brooklyn rocks

“Multi-faceted singer/songwriter Stephanie Schneiderman...artfully combines pop, trip-hop, soul, electronica and folk." 

kmhd and livepdx

“...for all around musicianship, imagination, songwriting and pure inspiration, this gets my vote for the best of the year on any chart, in any genre." — Tom D'Antoni


“...soulful story telling...breathy vocals...impassioned...contemporary pop and synth-patched soul...yet another fine example of Schneiderman's deep potential."

beat crave

“Stephanie is not afraid to change her music up a bit...Her new sound is a mixture of sultry, electronic, with smooth vocals to sooth listeners. It could be described as Zero 7 meets Goldfrapp but totally her own." 

house of blues

“Schneiderman's exceptional songwriting talent and radiating charm are a winning combination. Her honest, earthy presence and rich, serene vocals separate Stephanie from the hordes of "girls with guitars." She shows all the potential of becoming a world class, world renowned artist." — Adam Zacks, Talent Buyer, House of Blues