Stephanie Schneiderman
live at kung fu bakery

live at kung fu bakery | 2005

Live at Kung Fu Bakery ranges in character from the soulful lounginess of Tom Wait's "Jockey Full of Bourbon," to the drunken, straight-ahead rock of "Betty," to the simple moody and sparse "Professor Sunshine," each song is imbued with a distinct emotional character. JAM Magazine wrote: "There are people you run across in your life's journey whose stories, images, emotions and abilities trigger an unexpected and inexplicable influence. For many people, Stephanie Schneiderman and the music she produces, is just that.
  • 01 :: Kid Domino
  • 02 :: Salty Blues
  • 03 :: Some Birds Ain’t Suppose To Fly
  • 04 :: Jockey Full of Bourbon
  • 05 :: Debutainted
  • 06 :: Fly Me To The Moon
  • 07 :: When You Touch Me
  • 08 :: You’re The One
  • 09 :: Professor Sunshine
  • 10 :: Betty
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