Stephanie Schneiderman
rubber teardrop

rubber teardrop | 2011

Schneiderman and renowned producer/electronic musician Keith Schreiner come together from two disparate musical worlds to produce a a fluid recording that seamlessly combines the synthetic and organic into a single powerful compilation. Rubber Teardrop plays like an epic movie soundtrack, at once evocative, entertaining and dramatic, even mesmerizing at times. Beautifully written songs and incredible vocal performances are wrapped in ambient textures, undulating beats, and masterful production by Schreiner. From the dreamy electronic pop and shooting chorus of “Wide Open” to the driving swell of “Earthquake” and the hard-hitting rush of “Bridge on Fire” each arrangement ebbs and flows, through whispering ballads, moving ever forward, like an evolving character, to the grand conclusion.
  • 01 :: Hush
  • 02 :: River Stone
  • 03 :: Anchor
  • 04 :: Rubber Teardrop
  • 05 :: Bridge on Fire
  • 06 :: Wide Open
  • 07 :: Earthquake
  • 08 :: Between the Bars
  • 09 :: Avalon
  • 10 :: I am What I am Not
  • 11 :: Clean
  • 12 :: Hush Now (remix)
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