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Behind The Scenes / Crossfire / The making of the Full Album
Stephanie discusses the recording of her new album, Crossfire, her first solo album in 9 years. She shares thoughts on self-producing and offers details on the inspiration for the lyrics, arrangements and production choices. Featuring studio footage from Bocce Studios, The Rye Room and Gungho Studios.

Wide Open
PNW singer-songwriter Stephanie Schneiderman's single from her 2011 album Rubber Teardrop. The ethereal pop song features lush vocals, introspective lyrics, and electronic, trip-hop elements creating a unique and playful ambient indie-pop sound. The video, shot at McMenamin's Bagdad Theater and in the forest near Portland, Oregon, includes dancers from the NW Dance Project.

Daughters / Behind The Scenes
Stephanie discusses the recording of her first single, Daughters, from her new album Crossfire featuring footage from the recording sessions and thoughts on the inspiration behind the song (co-written with McKinley and Lara Michell) as well as juicy details about the production.

Twenty Silvers
Filmed by David Pennington backstage at The Old Church in Portland, OR, Stephanie Schneiderman performs an unplugged and acoustic version of "Twenty Slivers" from her 2008 album Dangerous Fruit. The performance was recorded in front of a live audience and became the album Live at The Old Church, released in 2012. Stephanie's powerful, yet delicate vocals paired with her acoustic guitar and introspective lyrics, create an intimate moment amidst the din of the crowd at the venue.

Soundcheck at The Old Church | Stone China
On October 22, 2011, performing at The Old Church in Portland, Oregon, Stephanie warms up with her single, "Stone China" during the soundcheck before the show. The 45th Parallel String Quartet accompanies Stephanie for this beautifully lush rendition of "Stone China". The song also appears on the 2008 album Dangerous Fruit.

Crossfire / Behind The Scenes
Pacific Northwest female singer-songwriter Stephanie Schneiderman discusses the inspiration for and making of the second single from her new album, Crossfire. Shot at Bocce Studios in Vancouver, WA this behind-the-scenes video discusses the process of self-producing and honing in on the sound of the album.

Anthem / Behind The Scenes
Stephanie Schneiderman shares the inspiration for and the recording of Anthem, from her new album, Crossfire. Featuring Todd Sickafoose on bass, Andy Borger on drums, Rob Burger and Matt Greco on keys/programming and Paul Brainard on pedal steel the song blends textures from the worlds of folk and ambient indie pop.

Soundcheck at The Old Church | Dangerous Fruit
On October 22nd, 2011, Stephanie performed at Portland's beautiful venue The Old Church with the 45th Parallel string quartet and a backing choir. In this rendition of Dangerous -a single from Stephanie's 2008 album by the same name, we hear Stephanie's ethereal, orchestral pop music layered over a string arrangement by Dave Mills.

Soundcheck at The Old Church | Wide Open
Backed by the exquisite 45th Parallel string project as well as a backing choir, Stephanie performs Dangerous Fruit for a live recording at Portland's beloved venue The Old Church. In this rendition, Stephanie's ethereal, orchestral pop music is layered over a string arrangement by Dave Mills.

Inspiration behind Dangerous Fruit
Stephanie Schneiderman and Keith Schreiner (Auditory Sculpture, Dahlia) discuss the inspiration behind, the recording process and the production of Stephanie's second album, Dangerous Fruit, released in 2008. The album blends the very different musical worlds of Schneiderman and Schreiner, combining Stephanie's background in folk, and Americana with Schreiner's electronica and trip-hop production to create a unique and textured ambient indie folk pop sound.

Stephanie discusses the humanitarian concert series she organized, Voices for Silent Disasters, her trip to Uganda, and its influence on her music. In 2007, Stephanie created Portland's first humanitarian concert series, Voices for Silent Disasters, to raise money for Mercy Corps's efforts in Northern Uganda, which was impacted by a 20 year civil war. Over 10 concerts at various McMenamin's locations and featuring 37 Pacific Northwest artists who donated their time, the fundraiser brought in $70k.

Stone China
Portland Cello Project at the Aladdin Theater
On April 11, 2008, Portland, Oregon singer-songwriter Stephanie Schneiderman performed in a sold out show at the Aladdin Theater with producer Keith Schreiner (Dahlia) and the Portland Cello Project.

Some of Shelly's Blues with Tony Furtado
on Portland Radio Project
Stephanie Schneiderman and her husband Tony Furtado, a nationally renowned slide guitarist, banjo player and songwriter, perform Some of Shelly's Blues in their home for Portland Radio Project. Their son, Liam makes an appearance at the end of the video.

Dangerous Fruit on Tour
Stephanie Schneiderman | Extended Peak
Filmed during The Great Northwest Music Tour in Oregon and Washington, One Man Band Productions captures live performances and interviews with Stephanie Schneiderman and Keith Schreiner. They discuss the songs, set lists and the meaning of life over beer.