Stephanie Schneiderman
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stephanie schneiderman

Trying to pin down Stephanie Schneiderman to any one genre, talent or discipline is next to impossible. One thing is clear however- whether recording one of her 9 solo albums playing drums for Swan Sovereign, stepping on stage in the musical the Full Monty, producing a wildly successful humanitarian concert series for refugees in northern Uganda, or penning a musical about human trafficking, Schneiderman is hands down one of the most diverse and hardest working artists the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Her new album Crossfire, available for download on Bandcamp, combines her past sonic explorations—folk, americana, trip hop, and pop—into a beautifully dark and deeply introspective recording that is as lush as it is intimate. It is a self released labor of love that celebrates her community, maiden voyage as self-producer, and is possibly her most compelling collection of songs to date.

The album’s first single, “Daughters”, released in August of 2021, features a haunting vocal arrangement wrapped in a blanket of lush, programmed sounds, baritone ukulele and cello banjo, over a subtle rhythmic pulse. Overtop, Schneiderman’s voice melodically whispers a tale about how the stories of our ancestors play out in our own lives. The song was a defining moment in finding the “sound” of the album - that perfect balance between folk and a textured, electronic sensibility, a thread that runs through the production of every song.